Maintenance of Inter-Currency Positions

Bankwireprocessing Banking System has a unique feature of true multiple currency accounting, in which, while keeping the IFRS compliance as standard, each currency is given its own ledger structure. This helps in maintaining the inter-currency position and the balance sheet of the customer simultaneously.

Classification of Accounts

Just like any normal banking system, Bankwireprocessing Banking System also provides a wide range of bank accounts that include money market and savings, current accounts, securities accounts, deposits and loans, and commodities accounts. Moreover, in order to show debit card statements, the system also supports non-posting memo accounts.

Calculation and Processing of Interest

When it comes to determining the interest rates, the system is quite multi-functional. It can calculate the rate and type of interest to be paid by the customer, by considering the balance in their accounts. Moreover, it also supports structured investment products. In this type of schemes, the interest rate and the length of interest are pre-decided.

Bankwireprocessing Banking System

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