Maintenance of Inter-Currency Positions

Classification of Accounts

Calculation and Processing of Interest

Bankwireprocessing Banking System

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Building your business growth & prosperity

We aim to develop productivity and innovation

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    • The solutions are formulated to work for both, large and small businesses
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    • The online banking software designers’ thorough understanding of the market allows the company to emphasize on regulatory issues like KYC and AML.
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    • Bankwireprocessing solutions are standardized on Microsoft platforms, which improve ease of deployment, maintenance, and support.
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    • The company serves a wide range of markets, from Banking, Trust Accounting, Investment and Portfolio Management, and more.
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    • Providing assistance to clients in opening bank accounts and understanding its terms and conditions.
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    • Constructing websites, especially for e-shopping; that are captivating and engaging enough to attract potential customers.
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    • Providing assistance in issuing different types of payment cards, which include debit, credit and co-branded prepaid cards.
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    • Interfacing with AML outsourcing agents.